Digitalization of foreign trade and compliance with SAP GTS

Embargos, restrictions, special tariffs and many other regulations affects foreign trade to day. From trade of weapons to financial transactions implications increases. Compliance is of highest importance and violating the regulations and laws not only means risk of fines and other penalties. Non-compliance also threatens the business directly.


Compliance is there for vital for many organisations.  Examples of products are beside weapons, spare parts for aircrafts and computers, materials for dual-use, educations, software products, documentations and services.


Compliance is a matter of special importance for industries involved in defence supply, but almost no industry should ignore the issue compliance.


Where trade a cross boarders is a clear reason for compliance, transport of materials and products which are not traded easily can be forgotten. But the need of compliance to regulations and laws are the same.


Many systems in the market are able to monitor trade and transports, but the quantity of master data needed makes it relevant to consider systems integrated to the ERP of the organization.


SAP offers GTS as a solution for handling compliance. Although complex this is one of the complete solutions which utilizes master data already registered in the ERP and able to handle both compliance, customs management and risk.

Ebicon can assist you in making your organization compliant and digitizing your processes. Whether it’s implementing a system solution like GTS or increasing the performance of your present system we can help you in defining and implementing to be compliant and efficient.


Internet of Things Enables Continuing Processes

End-to-end processes

Connecting materiel to cloud – internet – creates new opportunities for an efficient production – and a changed security issue. Monitoring, controlling and effectivity could e.g. develop materiel management processes, when material self-diagnostics spare part needs. The supplier develops maintenance profiles based on real time operational data.  Maintenance process takes actual condition into account. The result is an increased utilization rate of the capacity and reduced costs on maintenance and stocks.


Digitizing System

Integration of supplier, material system and defence utilizes data at the source and assures focus on decisive transactions.  Real time sensor indications subsidies maintenance plans on everything from wear to actual environmental conditions for spare part needs. Data utilization is proactive and dynamic in the business processes.

Prerequisites are data flow the individual systems is balanced and information is accessible.


Change Management

Converting work routines and organizing everything from logistics to maintenance and master data management is complex and requires a more general perspective. Replacing wear parts based on sensor indication rather than expectation  means fewer but possible more complex replacements. The requirement for the operator is increased and necessitates new procedures and rules.


Ebicon provides project management, methodology and experience

By using proven methodology and solid experience from integration of processes and digitalization in defence- and aerospace-sector we advise in how to realize the potential in Internet of Things. Our experiences from integration of aircraft system has give us an excellent base to build on.